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Video hosting giant keeps it going on the small screens

Google Inc.  |  1 more applications - March 5, 2019
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YouTube will probably stay the most popular video hosting site of all time. With a relatively new smartphone audience, the developers needed to make sure everyone stays satisfied with the service.

When you first open the app, you probably have the choice to use your Google account to synchronize the channels you are subscribed to, your history, and so on. After you do that, you will see your own personalized home screen.

The navigation menu is located at the bottom of the screen with five tabs. Ads are now displayed when you play videos and in the middle of them, but that can't be blamed on the actual Android app as the same is the case on other platforms.

Recent updates have enabled users to use their phone to easily record and publish content to their YouTube channels, which can be very useful to vloggers who want to start a live show or to publish something on the go.

After you open a video, its window displays on top of the main apps window. You can easily rewind it, change the quality, and read comments. With a single tap on the screen, you can switch the video to full screen, add it to one of your playlists, or share it to anyone you know.

Sliding the video down minimizes the video window in the lower part of the screen, enabling you to search for the next one immediately. Even after all the talk about not being able to keep the video playing while the YouTube app is in the background, this is still not a feature.

Third-party YouTube players have offered this feature for a long time, including an option to download videos. Besides this, the app is almost perfect and it works properly on any version of Android.

• Fast, clean, and easy to use
• You can record and publish live videos for your channel on the go
• History remembers if you watch a part of the video, enabling you to continue where you left off
• The app rarely takes a step back and new useful features are always coming
• Videos can't play in the background
• Ads now appear even in the middle of the video
• If you pause the video it doesn't buffer until the end


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